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Breathtaking. Is it not intimidating how she created worlds just as easy as breathing. Her only fear. With your gaze her breath away you had to take.
Defeat. We never had a safe place to land when it all came crashing down.
Not good at goodbyes. She hated goodbyes which is why I said. See you soon. As a promise that we would meet again. Soon.
No answers. You will not find the answers you seek at the bottom of that bottle.
Lockup. The thing about isolation is that we find comfort in it. Which is why we stay longer than we should.
Search for purpose. Everybody is looking, they are searching. For something, for someone, somewhere. Guess I am still mending my wounds.
Sleepless nights. I could never quite figure the color of her eyes, no matter how long I stared, I ended up lost, mesmerized. And that is what keeps me up at night.
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